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About Vertebrae

Hello, I am Paul Hernon the creator of the Vertebrae product.  Whilst studying as an Industrial Designer, I wanted to create a space saving product.  Improving space within buildings was the original focus. This could be maximising the floor space or making the products we use smaller, whilst retaining functionality.  This led to analysis and justification of the activities, functions and products that we perform or use, ranging from showering, bottle storage or maintenance etc.

By associating space within a bathroom with particular activities, I rearranged them in a vertical configuration, which was both space saving and ergonomic.  I discovered that this idea could work.  Over the years I have continually developed the evolution of Vertebrae® resulting in a product that will meet the demands of its customers and environments.

Watch the video for a brief history of the Vertebrae development

Paul Hernon Founder/Designer

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